What does it mean to be a Man in this world of Pain? The game of life is pressurised as nothing can be hidden.  What do we do?   In the Aquarian Age everything will become known.  Even the deepest and darkest cave will inevitably obtain Wifi!   As a man the pathways of life are not so clear; Apparently it is a Mans world.  If you are a man you may well disagree with that; I do, I never have felt it to be a world in my favour.  It is perhaps a world built in the image of a False Man; an archetype that has never reached my heart; if man has won a Heartless world, which brings him no true Joy, was it a worthwhile victory?

If it is a Mans world it is a world that has been constructed of a shinny amour, but so rigid that nothing of true man can emerge.   But as the world crumbles so does the amour and through the vilification of False Man there is hope.  A very real way for ‘Man to be Man’.

This is not a reconstruction of the Masculine, it is simply to unashamedly acknowledge ourselves.   To be real, beyond social norms, to reconstruct a connection to our deepest strength.

The single pointedness of the Male archetype is that which penetrates, that which focusses deeply.  Its persistence and diamond pointed precision has unearthed some of the greatest discoveries of our time.  Let this energy resurface again with direction and compassion.  For our affliction has been a loss of ‘Meaningful’ focus on our path.  In our great discoveries and creations we became the Kings, yet while we crowned ourselves Kings we lost the guide that took us there.  At first we thought that this was no great loss ‘After All, look at what we have achieved’.  Yet when we lost our guide something inside of man became lost.  It is now time to find our guide and discover the Pathway to success, love and reconciliation with the divine feminine.

So where is the guide?  It is in YOU.  The way back is to make the discovery of ‘ME within ME’  an important part of our life. It may not be easy but it shall be worthwhile.   Your commitment will be rewarded and the pain that has been locked away, (maybe for a lifetime), will finally be released.