How can we create the world that we truly want? Reaching back in history a famous man once said “ be the change that you wish to see in the world”. We also know that our thoughts are key to creating change.  The blue prints for physical manifestation are drawn up in the mind before they are born into reality.  Our challenges are often  confusion (what is it I should create); and focus (Which one do I choose) and Time (I can’t fit this in).

Most of the above is achieved through reaching into the depth of yourself to understand what makes you tick; what inspires and what are your gifts.  This coalesces into your soul calling.

It is easier for our thoughts to naturally align to the impulse of our soul.  The challenges we face around confusion, focus and time drop away.  A force of nature will grow from deep inside and this depth will anchor the manifest direction of your thoughts to create  what you were born to do.

My brother and I recently helped to bring to life, a long-time dream of my father, the publication of his memoirs, something he has been working on for nearly 20 years.  I think the bigger gift was mine, to read through the stories of his life gave me a deeper perspective.  As first-generation migrants, my parents were walking the walk of ‘being the change’.  They were manifesting through the spirit of life.

When I reflected on their journey and their courage to come to a new country,  I felt inspired.  I also think it offers much to what we need in this world.  It requires Leadership (not necessarily from politicians who are in a game that changes with the wind),  Courage; a Sense of Adventure, Faith and Vision.  However, the binding ingredient of it all was something very simple; Friendship.  In the 70’s where intolerance was more overt the friendships formed by my parents were powerful and authentic, as a collective they were stronger (these were friendships beyond,  colour, or religion).

We do truly live in a remarkable world; its polarity is seismic with joy and pain.  It is a world that is relentless in its teaching; it is squeezing us to become the best we can be; because pressure really is the ultimate teacher.  It is not to feel pressurised but that to grow you pretty much always at some point must step outside of the comfort zone. It is in this sense that I mean pressure.  The world that we in habit is far more magical than we may realise, my experience of working and channelling with Ascended Masters over many years has proven the magic which has been locked away..

When I first developed the ability to Channel; and then the ability to activate others.  I sat on it. Then I soon realised that this was the new world coming through and I had a chance to be the change.  So I said yes and I started training others and sharing my gifts.  I always knew that communities are our strength.  So Masters & Angels Classes was born.  These groups remain the single most fulfilling thing that I offer.  We come together weekly and monthly.  Just people with an urge to grow with openness and a yearning for another way to create and be in the world.  We open a channel of energy to work with beings of light….and do you know what it is not otherworldly, it is here and now and it is not work only for a special few.  It is a new way for all.

I am continually elevated by the gifted individuals that walk through our doors.  They feel they are not worthy of this – yet they are connected and able to raise their frequency to lift themselves and those around them.  We need to awaken our gifts as a collective power the sooner we do this the sooner we can end the chaos.