Open to the flow of love.
Turn to the tap of endless offering and drink.
Why do you pull away?
Our mistake is the desire to create our own.
We want to create that which cannot be made.
It is fool hardy; because to leave the flow only causes pain.
So find your way back to the tap of love; learn to drink from it again.
Can you humble yourself enough to do this?
If you can you are wise as none are turned away.

Love as a Continual Flow or Channel is one of the most difficult concepts for us to understand or feel.  How can something so seemingly allusive be endless; like a tap that does not turn off or a well that does not run dry. Our quest for love can sometimes be all consuming; most of the time we don’t even know it, or are unwilling to admit it.  A Social life on the face of it may display bravado and independence but beneath the surface is the continual driving force of longing.  Some of us make our mission to master love, we are unashamed we attend many workshops on Tantra, relationships, healing “ if it is the last thing on earth I will master love”….Yet the tree of commitment is yet to offer its fruit.  Some offer themselves as gurus or masters of this subject; this is admirable and we need ways to understand love from those that have travelled down its road; yet please do not mistake this as a Mastery of love at all levels.  Even as I write this I hesitate, what qualifies me…..Nothing and Everything.

So this is it –  love should never be captured; it happens when you least expect it, however,  humans like to chase the allusive.  One may read many books on a quest of discovery and on occasion unearth a gem.   Our soul stirs when we feel timeless wisdom, in the written or spoken word.  Yet like a caffeine or sugar rush the high may not last, we fade into defeat as we lack the stamina or depth of understanding that our soul pulse feels yet our humanness cannot integrate it. Chasing has its limits.

When we don’t have something our creative DNA takes over.  We are beings of enormous potential, born to learn and to create.  Yet there is a fine line between greatness and madness.  So the intention for our creations is important.

The major challenge of our time is that ‘Creations’ born of authentic inspiration, can be replicated in an instant in an age with little remorse.  Vigilance is required as something  is lost in the replication, it is subtle, not easy to feel .  Rather like a photocopy made from a photocopy will diminish.  What is missing is the energy of inspired authenticity which is the energy of LOVE.  Love is the flow of your True self.  It is Love as a flow. It is you expressing yourself as you.  This is Love.  Yet we lack awareness  and we follow the imitation; the soul is not infiltrated deep enough so our mind fills the gaps and we skirt around the object of our deepest need; blind to what is right in-front of us.

Our difficulty is the ‘seeming’ simplicity of it all  “Just being ourself equals LOVE” ; it cannot be. We can only accept something complex for something as valuable as our deepest need.  Such a big need must require a big solution.  So we look for complexity and we forget the simplicity.  The reality is we need to accept simplicity and complexity as one.  Because there is no difference.  They are both just judgements and Love does not Judge.

As I write the following, I wish my words would fade and become translucent, perhaps even transform into imagery to convey nuance and variation.  In the absence of such, I trust that you shall forgive my limitations in the written word.

To find love, Find you.  The deepest part of you.  Be inspired by your teachers and books, but never put yourself lower or higher.  Let your deepest belief be  your completeness; let your earnest effort be in trusting this; may your heart focus on forgiving the gaps.  Do what you love without guilt, but do not deny the guilt its voice, silently smile and ask what is its offering?  Keep yourself alive to the wonder of life; awaken your enthusiasm for the world everyday – but judge not if you cannot, rest and try again. Tomorrow is another day.  Sing often and if you are shy be happy your challenge is revealed and tackle it with Gusto.  Breathe deep often; and cherish your body but not so much such that it inflates with the false.  Honour your ancestors and those that will walk after you.  Give space for your gifts & don’t suffocate in misplaced Humility; but don’t shy away from your karma either.  Cry and Laugh in equal measure and eat well. Make time for stillness often and in the moment let inspiration infiltrate your day.

In this way I hope Love Finds You in Such a way that you no longer seek it.

Sivaroshan is a Kundalini yoga teacher &  founder of “The Two Doves” energy healing system. His passion is to help others to grow, transform and become ‘Masters of their Destiny’. For more information, see