Conscious Connection Circles

What does it  mean to be a man or a woman?  How can we empower the masculine & feminine in ourselves while also coming together in unity?

As we accelerate ever more quickly in the Information Age;  there is a sense of not knowing what or who we are.  This is part of the game it provokes in us a longing for completion.  A good place to start is exploring our feminine and masculine archetypes.  We live in a world that promotes equality; but what does that really mean when men and women are very different.  I feel a better word for me is unity, the challenge of our times is how do we find it?

Conscious Connection Circles


Conscious Connection Groups are about rediscovering inner and outer harmony through the exploration of the feminine & masculine.Our method is to create a space for dialogue about the challenges and joys of being a man or woman.  We do this in 3 ways:

Mens Circles



The gathering of men together is normally seen as a raucous neanderthal affair; and in part that is true, there is a wildness in men!

Yet it is only part of  the story.

Men can also be deeply sensitive and compassionate, yet this is often perceived as a weakness; so it is repressed. The truth is, vulnerability makes a man complete;  only then will his true strength surface.

As time passes, the tradition of conscious  sharing between different generations of men has been largely forgotten.  The right of passage for many men is non-existent.  There is a void of lost teachings.  The mens circle is a way to bring this back; to give a space for men to have conscious discussion; the absence of women is not a ‘slight’ apon women, it is infact the opposite.

Men want to bring security to the feminine;  expressing their pain can feel like the  opposite. So this space is a space to free him of this burden, so he can  talk of his challenges and release the pressure.  In this way he can return clearer in himself; relieved, and better able to serve the feminine in whatever way that manifests in his life.  The wisdom of sharing in this way is very special; we all have something to offer; one mans nemesis is another area of mastery; in this way we grow.


Womans Circles

In my yoga classes 80-90 % are women.

Women seem more able and willing to open the door of their vulnerability; yet in my experience in serving women as a teacher and healer is that sometimes the need to succeed and to be valued can feel overwhelming in a world that seems quite unforgiving.

It can result in situations where women not only feel undermined by men but also women.  Woman are open, they have always been ready and willing to talk and share about the problems and joys in their life.  Though not always is this sharing productive or conscious.  Gossip and competition can take hold and true needs and feelings can go unheard.

I see the very clear need for Womens Circles in the same way as for Men.  A space to talk and share about the challenges of being women.  The challenge though in someways may be the opposite for that of men; while men don’t easily talk women need a place for conscious sharing, with deep understanding and support.  The absence of the masculine is again not a ‘slight’ on men rather it again gives woman a chance to heal and find their centre so that they may better serve the masculine in whatever way that manifests in her life.


Unity Circles

Unity circles are anchored on the fundamental emphasis of unity and reconciliation.  They ultimately are seeded in Oneness and the interconnection of all humanity regardless of sex.  They look to honour both men and women.

They are for men and women who feel ready to share in the spirit of deep listening, respect and love.  Our focus is to facilitate as space  to speak and to be heard.  It is to feel the perspective of the other; from this we may seed a deeper kinship, understanding and compassion.

We seek to have regular Unity groups seeded from the mens & womens circles.


Mens, Women & Unity circles will be coordinated via TheTwoDoves.  I am very pleased to be collaborating with Anais, who will be managing the women circles and will co-lead the unity circles with me.  Anais and her partner Jean-baptiste have travelled the world following  a deep and powerful spiritual calling, they were put through many tests; today they share their life path in service.  Here is a bit more about Anais:

Anais Theyskens - London & Glastonbury

Anais Theyskens - London & Glastonbury

Healer/ Priestess

“I reconcile women with feminine energy and let them rediscover the hidden treasures of the sacred feminine by reconnecting them to ancestral wisdom and making them feel the power of female energy. I support and accompany the healing process of the injured feminine and help women shine their true light by embodying feminine values and energy.    Inspired by Celtic spiritual traditions and the guiding presence of Mary Magdalene, I dedicate a large part of my life to the emergence of the feminine in the world. After years of initiations in the mysteries of historical priestesses and studying the female archetypes, I started organising women’s circles, seasonal rituals, support sessions for women and sacred feminine retreats.

I feel called to organise women’s circles to create a space where women can meet, unwind and experience the nurturing and healing influence of sharing authentically. In a sense, it is about reviving the notion of sisterhood in a way that is relevant for our fast-paced world. I would like these circles to spark the existence of a community in which women support each other and inspire each other to honour and embody feminine energy in every aspect of their lives.”

Sivaroshan Sahathevan - London

Sivaroshan Sahathevan - London

Healer & Yogi

“I have been walking on the spiritual road for most of my life.  It is a deeply rewarding and joyful path, though the twists and turns are at time’s quite unexpected. Of all of the challenges that I have faced on my journey, the one that presents the greatest test of mastery is that presented by the relationship to our opposite sexual polarity.   When I entered my first Mens circle I was dubious, when I left I was inspired.  It was a space where I could talk about things I had never talked about; there was compassion and unrivalled wisdom in equal measure.  I put it up there as one of the most effective and practical things a man can do on his quest.  Its most potent offering is that it can deeply heal a mans relationship with the feminine, both within himself and externally.  For this reason I am driven to launch the two doves connection circles & mens groups.

I am also very pleased to share that mens circles are starting to be seeded in greater number.  I am pleased to share our International Mens Circles.

Nam Terath Singh – Germany

“We as humankind may realise that we are more than what we experienced in our life, more than our thinking, more than our emotions – what we call our personality. Especially as men, we are conditioned to function in an old way of “standing one’s ground” with values that are outdated. It is time to grow out of old beliefs and ages to heal and find peace in the inner and outer world.”

Nam Terath Singh is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Founder of the SchwarzwaldSeele, a centre for people who wants to unfold themselves and their life. He is teaching from the heart with unconditional love in service for the purpose of the souls. Through own experiences in life and the teachings of different teachers, Nam Terath Singh supports people in an unique way.

Goldy (Daniel Goldsmith) – Australia

“It is not about if you can or cannot do it, it is how you are when you are in it. That makes every moment moving through life a tool to elevate the sanctuary of the heart into every breathe. Too long has there been pressure on how we are meant to be or how the “i” would like it to be. When the focus is shifted to see into everything as it is, without the distortion of any conditioning, we notice that at the core of all nature is a Buddha, a Christ or pure awareness. This awareness has never left us, awaiting for the individual to trust and full embody it, living day to day in synchronicity with our true nature.”

Goldy helps facilitate a monthly men’s group in Sydney. We come together in circle to promote a place of authentic sharing and listening without judgement. The aim of the gatherings is to develop connections, share experiences and insights, reduce isolation and be HUMAN! Each event we explore a different theme or topic, which is relevant to the moment or discussion. On occasions we are joined by professional counsellors and international yoga teachers to share their wisdom with us. Goldy believes it is important to grow a world full of opportunity to connect and help others.

If you would like to connect or have any questions please contact: +61 406 738 522 |