Dissolving Blocks in our Life

This week; the energetic theme I have encountered  with people has been around blocks and how to overcome them.  Every block is a teaching; recurring blocks and heavy blocks have an added karmic twist; these are like energetic knots created in this or a past life.  Such knots cannot be untied with  with just our rational mind. They require something extra.  We must raise our personal frequency in relation to the situation.  A most effective combination is using Kundalini Yoga and Channelled Energy (practices below)

Kundalini perspective

The Mandhavani Kriya meditation using the Ad Sach Mantra  is very effective at releasing blocks by harnessing the awesome power of the heart.  It however, only really works when you bring devotion into your chanting.  Most blocks remain blocks because we become very personal about them.  This is problematic because big blocks have the energy of an Army and you are trying to take them on by yourself!   When you open the door of devotion you build your own army of the divine making.  Devotion is that which lies between Certainty and your unknown.  Instead of trying to figure out what that gap is you say “F*** **”, I will let go into whatever it is has created this crazy world I live in!  It can be a remarkable release and it can transform your practice.  Click Here for the meditation and Music can be found here.

Channelled healing

Brings in energy from source itself; existing at various levels of vibration.  You can think of them as light rays.  We are each able to receive different frequencies of light, as we practice more that frequency increases.  Karma and negativity find it very difficult to exist at such frequenciess and they dissolve.  Such light is supported by Ascended Masters / Angels and guides, you can think of them as Chaperones to this energy, helping ensure that you receive the right frequency of light for you.  Difficult to explain best experienced.  This download by Mary Magdalene is a powerful way to connect to this amazing Master / Lady of the light.  The Ultimate wise sister, click here to download.