When I look back on my life. I think how on earth did I end up here.There were so many distinct phases, none of which pointed to the Life I have today as a Yoga Teacher & Healer. As I looked more closely – I realised that I constructed these phases largely from my belief.In some sense, it was all perfect. The pressure created by the Karma of my choices was slowly squeezing my soul out of its hiding place. At the time, I related to this as dissatisfaction with my life but without it I would not have had the impetus to grow or learn.

The lesson from this as I look back, is to see the wonder and mystique of life; we may like the certainty of linearity but real life is far more awesome. Every moment is an opportunity to be aware of your feelings and directive forces offered by your soul and spirit guides.Yes, we make mistakes and the dark periods that we go through we don’t want to repeat; but if you keep going and keep persevering; the support you need will come.
You realise life is a Game and like all Games there is good and bad technique. So, hone your Technique, learn the Laws of the game, put in some training in and get stuck in!

So here are a few pointers to keep you sharp:

– Cut out refined sugar – this is massive – it will cut down your reactive behavior; support you neutral mind and amplify your intuitive antenna.
– Eat the Frog – I Love this term from time management teachings – do what you all ways put off first it empowers you for the rest of the day.
– Fire up your Navel Energy- you need some juice to enter the game.
– Intuitively Feel Don’t Think –  Thinking is not bad; it is just a bit too slow; flex your intuitive muscles a bit more every day.
– Throw out your TV – Controversial – it’s more a statement of intent rather than any anti-TV sentiment that I hold.

Your soul is calling – so hone your game and “Deliver Your Destiny”