About Us

About Sivaroshan

Sivaroshan means God’s light. I spent half a life time rejecting it; I reclaimed it; Now with humility, I attempt to embody it.

What else is there to life than finding your destiny? My appetite to learn, what lay beneath the surface of things was ferocious. My quest for truth relentless. I am more relaxed now as I understand what it was all for?…….To give it back; so others may find their path with greater ease, in an age which can be brutally unforgiving.”

Sivaroshan is an experienced Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Founder of The Two Doves Energy Healing System. He has trained with some of the finest Teachers and Healers in the world and is now a Trainer of Yoga Teachers and Healers himself. His mission is clear.

“We need to make the elevation of our ‘vibration’ our greatest commitment in life? Why, because doing so will impact everything you do and bless every archetype you embody. It will lift your nearest and dearest along with the stranger in the street. It is the single most powerful thing you can do for yourself, humanity and the planet.”

About The Two Doves

When Two Doves landed on my balcony one afternoon; I had a realisation that the root of all healing stemmed from our longing to belong.  The doves symbolised my work as a healer and teacher.  The Dove is symbolic of peace; as a pair, love; but as they fly in perfect unison they symbolise 11 the mastery of our relationship with the infinite – the true source of all longing.

We are in the Aquarian Age, a time of ‘awakening’.  Angels, Ascended Masters and Guides have been preparing for this, they are making themselves available to help humanity adapt to living in a new planetary frequency.  It is needed as we will face powerful polarities of separation both internal and external; the only way through is to invest in our authenticity.

The world of energy, ascended masters and angels is open to all.  More and more of us are feeling the call to spread our wings and really live the lives we want. Whether you are a beginner or already established in the fields of esoteric teaching or healing, our mission is to help you strengthen your sensitive field and ability to connect to the higher realms directly.

The trainings, workshops and consultations that I offer, are all geared to empower you to shift old patterns through raising your vibrational frequency; understanding your life path and empowering yourself to accept the gifts and destiny that await you.  Read more on the Inspiration for the Two Doves.

Our World Today

The world today may make you think it’s time for Noah’s Arc again! It feels like the fabrics of our societies are disintegrating.  Yet there is also a liberation; as our sense of comfort dissolves we are forced out of our comfort zone; this is when our spirit often has the best chance of getting a foot hold to change the trajectory of our lives.  Your Soul wants you to win; listen to its call during the heavy times.

Raising Our Vibrational Frequency

To solve a problem, we often need to take a new perspective. When the challenge is our own psyche; we need to somehow shift from the inside out –  literally elevate ourselves. It is not straightforward as our mind is both solution and problem – we need to trigger the dormant capacity of our own true-self to guide us.

Energy Healing with Ascended Masters and Angels is a powerful way to do this.

After experiencing this work for the first time you leave with a sense of having more depth and potential. Hidden capabilities rise to the surface; blocks in your life start to dissolve and insights arise that begin to piece together the missing parts of your life. You feel more; you see more you intuit more – in modern speak it’s an upgrade.

The Classes and Trainings open the doorway but as with anything practice will strengthen this ‘new you’.  The workbooks; MP3 Downloads; Kundalini yoga practice and Blog materials provide you with the tools to keep up. However, true community is a precious commodity and this is what we are cultivating with the two doves.  The Group Classes in London are ways to come together and share.

The Two Doves is not just an energy healing system; it is a bridge. 

Standing on one side of the bridge is our honest intention on the other side sits our true self & highest potential. The crossing itself is an alchemy of our effort and grace.  As you cross you face your shadow, reframe your perspectives and consider a new way to appreciate the world.  You become Innocent again; it is a unique journey supported by the wings of angels & wisdom of masters.

The Two Doves is here to help you cross.