Feel the call & Move + Meditation

I have a vision that I would love to come into reality.  It is a human realising their potential in this lifetime; not just their physical potential but their energetic potential.  Able to penetrate at will into their true self to make existence one worth living, full of magic and co-creative reality.

I used to feel that our awakening could be done slowly; we can try and make the process comfortable.  Time moves fast; the planets call is more urgent now.  So it’s time to heed the call.  The good news is that the frequency of the Planet has accelerated so the goal is achievable.  This is what led me to refocus my commitments to give birth to a system of teaching and healing; that will rapidly accelerate our potential.

So come join us for the ride.  New things are being made known to me (and close connections) on a daily basis now; I have been a channel for awakening others for many years.  Many of those years I hid somewhat not wishing to bare the full responsibility of such a thing.  Though the time is now; we need to make the jump as individuals and groups; to more authentic living. So lets journey together.

I share here a few steps to help you make this transition in a way that will support an accelerated growth.

  • Start Now not Tomorrow.  It does not need to be a huge thing, it can be something small, but let it be a real commitment i.e. make a shrine, breath consciously for 10 minutes, say NO to a sugary cake.
  • Find the company of people on the path.  You deserve to be nourished.  Don’t let your inner awakening be crushed by those around you; equally don’t be critical or judge those around you.  They are doing what they are doing, take charge of what you can.
  • Don’t put nature on the back burner.  It is easy to be seduced by the city and cities are great but they are also energetically oppressive; jump on the train to the country; if you live in the city do it often.  Rotate your venues; it will keep it fresh.
  • Commit yourself financially to something that serves your soul, we can justify expenditure on a host of things but somehow we can put our soul on the back burner, maybe join a yoga centre for a month and see what happens.

Try this Kundalini Yoga Meditation for 1 week, if it goes well extend for another week…then hit 40 days.

  1. Tune in with Ong Namo Guru Dev Name x 3
  2. Sit with a straight spine, cross legged in easy pose.
  3. Rest the Right Palm in the left Palm and extend the arms straight in front, no bend in the elbows (but do not lock arms)
  4. Focus on the Tip of the Nose and chant an elevating mantra (try Ang Sang Wahe Guru*) This is an elevated type of prayer.  It is powerful posture that amplifies.
  5. Practice for 11 mins
  6. Close Sat Nam x3

Ang Sang Wahe Guru* ‘The dynamic, loving energy of the Infinite Source of All is dancing within my every cell, and is present in my every limb. My individual consciousness merges with the Universal consciousness.’