Kundalini Yoga

When I discovered Kundalini Yoga – I had a moment of deep knowing it for me was a synthesizer of my spiritual practice. It knitted together my many esoteric practices almost perfectly; into system for life. Here was a powerful, authentic, liberating practice that did not require you to be a monk. It was the way I wanted to live – in the world but not a slave to the world.

When you practice a Kundalini Yoga Kriya, you open the book of your life; it is all there to see in your physical body. The transformation stems from your capacity to initiate your will to meet the challenge of the kriya. Each exercise is an opportunity for mastery; it is not that you ‘Must Master’ is that you ‘Strive’.

It is a chance to test the validity of your limit? The transformation happens on the ‘Edge’ of your earnest physical effort, will and intention to transform. Add to this mix the grace of the lineage and the masters that have gone before and you have a powerful system for personal Alchemy. The courage to grow through such a practice brings great inner confidence; it breaks old patterns it helps us see afresh.

The nervous system, the aura, chakras and meridians are all energised. Glandular system is renewed. Senses heighten, intuition develops, awareness expands. You are still you but also a new You. Kundalini yoga chisels the character like no other practice I know. It develops robustness of body and spirit; it teaches you in quite profound ways your limitation and your greatness. It is a practice that helps you earn the right to the life you aspire to and to fill the shoes of your potential.”

It is pathway to growth in its own right but if practiced with energy healing it can even more effective.

See article YOGI & HEALER ARE ONE.

Kundalini Yoga can develop your sensitive field to help you appreciate insights during channeled energy healing sessions. It also is a wonderful strengthener of the spirit and can give you the determination to overcome deep blocks in your life that energy healing may reveal. The two work powerfully – it’s like burning a candle from both ends.

A great way to start is by attending classes – see schedule and also my dedicated Kundalini Yoga Website.