The process of discovering our life path as Men requires a journey or quest to understand.

It is different to that of woman; who in essence is complete able to give life; her divinity is inherent.

But for men; the task has become complex; the pathways of initiation are no longer straightforward or clear.

On the 17th Feb I am sharing a Kundalini Yoga mens workshop.  It is a workshop to honour the sacred power of brotherhood that has been misunderstood, forgotten or misused. The notion of Men Gathering has been hijacked by Stereotypes; do not fall into this trap.

It is not just a chance for men to become raucous, sexist or elitist.  When men gather in this way with the intention of consciousness; it activates the energy of the Shaman, Shiva, or the Sun.  Such archetypes never seek separation.  They seek union and completion with the feminine.  It is a chance to heal release and rediscover your power.  The intention is to bring power and grace to your interaction with the Feminine and Masculine.

If you have doubts about this. I understand.  In this world of Political Equality is this creating a divide when we should create a bridge?  This unfortunately is superficial perception, not grounded in ‘experience’ or a reality of our needs. I offer in this workshop an opportunity for self-experience.  Wisdom teachings that all men should have learned but were not taught; cast aside as nonsense in world of Science.

The reality is that when men discover these teachings that no-one taught them, their lives transform.

Masculine energy works differently to feminine energy, yet we are mostly taught feminine energy teachings.  The masculine mind and feminine mind are different,  specialised yogic practice can bring remarkable changes in the physical wellbeing of men.  You may learn a nugget of wisdom that will transform your life.

So if you are unsure of what a mens yoga workshop entails; come along and discover for yourself then decide.