Healing & Guidance MP3 Downloads

The energy of source is making itself available to us in many ways.  Often it is stepped down through the Ascended Master and Angelic realms.  I have been asked many times during my Masters and Angels groups whether I could offer what I did on MP3?  The answer was yes.  The energy is transmitted by intention and can be delivered in many ways, time and space does not stop the message.

Finally they are here; to start with I have offered the recordings below (more shall follow). Just click on the link to purchase and download.  The healing energies are best received when you will not be disturbed; either comfortably sitting or lying down (please do not listen to them while driving).

I hope you enjoy them, with Love Sivaroshan.

Unveiling Source

Guided meditation for unveiling source.

The Heart

Guided meditation for healing the heart.

Council Of Light

Meditation for guidance.