Welcome to the Two Doves Shop.  Our offerings are categorised By Trainings, Retreats, Consultations & MP3s.  If you have any difficulty making a purchase please drop us a line.

Awakening Trainings

Activating your connection to Ascended Masters and cultivating your capacity to channel.

Practitioner Trainings

Once you have awakened you inner ability to channel healing energy through the grace and connection to Source, Ascended Masters and Angels; the next step should you wish it is to train as an energy healer using the techniques you have learned.

Personal Consultations

Personal Healing or Numerology Consultations by Skype or in person at a consultation room.

Masters & Angels Classes

If you need to pay for the skylight centre masters & angels class you can do it here.

Healing & Guidance MP3’s

Have some healing tools wherever you are; these channelled healing can help you release and let go.