I have always been drawn to magic and mystery; it began in childhood as a natural inquisitiveness which evolved as an adult into an exploration of the esoteric and spiritual.  Mine has been a life of practical living yet earnest search. Working & socialising in the city of London while seeking the truth in every spare moment.  I consider myself not to be special in anyway; the quality that I brought to my exploration was innocence, openness and determination.

I was not born with special clairsentient gifts.  In fact, I felt nothing at the beginning of my journey as a healer.  This is where the qualities of Innocence and openness served me well; I allowed things to unfold and I was able to receive the teachings of others.

It took me a long while to embark on the road to heal – I was respectful of the art and wanted to ensure that my intention was sincere before I began.  But when I was ready the teachers came thick and fast.  As with any learning experience there is a period where you toil and graft with little seeming reward, but when the break through comes it inspires you to grow again.  I have had many of these moments, with the most memorable being when I felt healing energy for the first time.  It was projected through the hands of my first healing teacher– it was so powerful – my doubt evaporated – it was the catalyst that took me to where I am today.

After I had my first undeniable experience of energy – I undertook training in Reiki; I bought a treatment table and started to offer healings to all that would have me.  Each treatment was like a leap of faith; energy healing was not such a tangible thing for me, in that I did not receive many indicators that things were working; so I had no option but to trust the sincerity of my intention.  Unbeknown to me, each time I did this I was becoming stronger, you could say it was cultivating a trust in the unknown.  The very act of healing was starting to hardwire the connectivity to my higher self.

Art of Healing

As I practiced more and more I understood how energy effected the people that received it. Nothing was ever the same; the energy had an intelligence that morphed to the needs of the client.  Feedback ranged from feeling relaxed to profound physical releases from the body.  Old negative patterns either reduced noticeably or left altogether.

As a healer, I discovered that the more I surrendered the more ‘whole’ the healing.  It was for me an art; requiring divine inspiration to direct the flows rather like a painter’s brush being guided by a higher force.

My learning was relentless as spirit kept bringing teachings into my life. A series of prophetic coincidences brought me to work with Ascended Masters and Angels (Ascending Angels); Metatronic Healing arrived with a bang as did my Angelic guide Metatron.  I ran the London Healing share for a while (a meeting of healers from different modalities gathering to offer their gifts).    Sat Nam Rasayan opened my eyes to the intimacy of our connection to all things.  The list went on: healing through the voice; deeksha; shamanism etc.  It was an incredible time and a time for which I am very grateful.  It was a period of dedication that I needed to awaken, remember and trust, it was needed to prepare me for deeper work to follow.  Thanks to you All.

The two doves

When the two doves landed on my balcony it became clear.  Our deepest wound is our sense of separation from our inner divinity it manifests as a longing that is never satiated.  The two doves symbolised this perfectly.  Over the years, I learned that messages and guidance come in mysterious ways – 2 doves in east London at the very moment I was deliberating my work – gave me the clarity I needed.  This was a relief as I had felt my guides urging me to expand for some-time; yet I was not in what way – now I was.

My motivation for offering this work is quite simple the planet needs it.

The intensity of the challenge humanity faces in all areas of life is immense. This work cuts through the chase, it is direct and to the core; it is not interested in our masks, strategies or Agendas it is here to reveal your shadow, awaken compassion and show you your strength & power – we have reached a time on the planet when we need it straight.  For this reason-  I share this work.

The foundation of the Two Doves Energy Healing is about empowering anyone with sincere intention to connect with Source Energy, Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters for the healing and guidance of themselves or others. 

In 10 years, I transitioned from someone working in a famous financial institution with a severe spiritual itch to a Healer, Teacher and Advocate of a new way. Another inspiration for offering this work stems from my own journey from complete novice to being able to connect to the love and vibrancy of amazing beings of light.  From not being able to feel energy in or around me I awakened the gift of clairsentience, the capacity to sense and feel the space around me.  I developed faith and trust in the energy of the universe; I trusted that the gift would work.  I dived deep into the world of healing and I learned much from different systems. Finally, I received the grace to attune others to ascended masters and angels.

It is a cliché but if I can do it so can you.

The hidden force throughout all this was the practice of Kundalini Yoga…….but that is a story of another time…….