2017 Brought the creation, 2018 brings the consolidation.  The Two Doves – Masters and Angels Channel Healing Programmes have been expanded.  This is a comprehensive awakening programme for now.  Our greatest need is to remember our potential and greatness.  This will not happen alone, haste is needed; as time  waits for no man in the Aquarian Age.

The longer we wait the less potential for impact on our destiny and the world. It is not to save the world, we save the world by honouring ourselves and our destiny.  This makes us radiate love – this is what saves the world, a collective awakening of Love.

Working with the Ascended Masters and Angels is a powerful way to do the greatest thing for your destiny.

I am offering 5 Vibrational awakenings, each one has a different intention, each opens the doorway to our soul in a different way.  Each Activation /Attunement opens us up to receiving transmissions of energy into our cells, subtle body and energy centres.

It upgrades us to frequencies that have been laying dormant waiting for the right moment.  When this happens we start to reach our higher potential.  Each course builds on the previous, by developing our confidence in this work.  We start to connect to energies of the Masters to release inner blocks and old patterns; we are freed up to do what we were meant to do on the planet.

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The 5 Vibrational Trainings, Dates in & Locations

Energy Healing Practitioner Trainings, Dates & Locations