Another election and yet more uncertainty arises.

Uncertainty & accelerating change is the fabric of our time; yearning for the past will only bring frustration and greater anxiety. Accepting that the planet is operating at a different frequency; is a crucial step in adapting.
How to live with uncertainty is not easy, I know I like the comfort of what is known; but I have become far more adept at adjusting to what life brings.

Here are a few approaches that I use to work with uncertainty

  • Try and get a 360-degree angle on the situation through learning and research. The mind is comparative it takes competing inputs and utilises them to form a conclusion. Doing this may seem overwhelming at first but stay with it, a foundation is being built. What this does is to inform the 3 mental bodies (Negative, Positive, Neutral). Negative and Positive fuel the polarities that’s allows the Neutral mind to give an answer. It’s like when you look for lost keys; you go quickest to the obvious and risky areas (negative mind), then you get creative – maybe I accidentally flipped it into my left shoe (positive), finally when you are done and about to give up, you just get an insight to their location they appear before your eyes (neutral). The wonderful thing about taking the 360 approach is that it can be great fun, and you pick up some very useful knowledge on the way, you grow as a person and you may even reveal some latent talents. The problem with this approach is that the mind can get carried away, it can also be time consuming – it should always be balanced with a meditation practice.
  • Clarifying your Values can help you reduce your options in a way that makes you feel more liberated and certain. If you value healthy food and the planet then making the decision to buy organic, cuts out a whole lot of shelves on the supermarket. Really living by your values, builds a powerful force in you that people feel, it comes across in your character & presence. Developing your values requires really looking at yourself. I have used Numerology and Astrology to beneficial effect, your date of birth reveals much about yourself, meditating on the results of such sessions can clarify much inner confusion.
  • Just knowing & believing that the universe wants you to win is a crucial – if you were not ready for the challenge it would not have landed in your lap. This can feel very hard to believe but there is a “way through every block”.
  • Intuition is the key to moving through uncertainty – cultivating the capacity to make intuitive decisions is an important muscle to strengthen. It gives you the capacity to decide quickly, often the pain of uncertainty is fuelled by drawn out indecision that if not checked starts to impact our physical well being. The challenge with this approach is that it cannot be backed by social proof or scientific theory. We have a need to feel validated. So, following our intuition can feel like going out on a limb and feeling more exposed. So, start to strengthen your trust in your intuition slowly. One way is to have a ‘Flow Day’ have no plans for the day; do yoga & meditation to raise your vibration and then ask yourself the following question “What right now will most serve my highest need” then follow it. Use discernment for what comes through, if the guidance feels authentic (i.e. has a feeling of coming through you, has a deep resonance or ‘Knowingness’, has no charge, feels neutral, from the heart & inspired) then why not give it a go. I did this one day and guidance said get the tube to Tottenham court road and buy a book… was an awesome book!
  • Free will versus your higher will – when we feel we have to make all the choices life becomes a burden; developing a relationship with free will and your higher self can bring a  new perspective. Its something to really experience so I share this Meditation – Amarti Mudra Kriya.

When we start to follow our values and intuition, synchronicities reveal themselves and suddenly uncertainty takes a whole new shape.  Uncertainty is just the sea we are in, but if you learn how to sail a boat then catching the wind can be fun & exhilarating.

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