Healing and Yoga have shaped almost half a life-time of personal discovery. Both required leaps of faith and trust. Both practices have evolved from a human need for completeness. Both tap into the energy of the universe and connect to the frequency of Masters that have walked before. Both seek to transform.

When you practice a Kundalini Yoga Kriya, you open the book of your life; it is all there to see in your physical body. The transformation stems from your capacity to initiate your will to meet the challenge of the kriya. Each exercise is an opportunity for mastery; it is not that you ‘Must Master’ is that you ‘Strive’. It is a chance to test the validity of your limit? The transformation happens on the ‘Edge’ of your earnest physical effort, will and intention to transform. Add to this mix the grace of the lineage and the masters that have gone before and you have a powerful system for personal Alchemy.
The courage to grow through such a practice brings great inner confidence; it breaks old patterns it helps us see afresh. The nervous system, the aura, chakras and meridians are all energised. Glandular system is renewed. Senses heighten, intuition develops, awareness expands. You are still you but also a new You. Kundalini yoga chisels the character like no other practice I know. It develops robustness of body and spirit; it teaches you in quite profound ways your limitation and your greatness. It is a practice that helps you earn the right to the life you aspire to and to fill the shoes of your potential.

Energy Healing – opens the door to the unknown, all you need to do is step through and be willing to see. The attitude of the ‘intrepid traveller’ is required to receive healing. Imagine that you are entering a country for the very first time; smells, sounds and sights are all very alive – there is a curiosity and an openness to a new culture and way of being. Allow judgement to dissolve, drop what you think you know; surrender and become like a child again.

Healing happens not through the mind; the mind likes certainty; healing requires a shift away from the very thing that traps us – often our mind. The good thing is that all that is required is a chink in the armour; our mind is a powerful beast to tame; but our soul is stronger still, if you have a sincere intention your souls call will be heard. The energy that is received is directed by the souls longing and wisdom, even though we may lack a conscious understanding of what we need, want or feel – our soul/ True Self knows. As you dive more deeply into the word of channel healing, Ascended Masters and Angels you are effectively developing a new language. High frequency energies probe our sensitive field at first, we may feel nothing but with time your very cells will change and you will operate and perceive things that previously were clouded. This change happens all through a vibrational awakening that requires dedication and effort not of the physical body but of the spirit.

I entered both pathways. I moved from student to teacher in both; I am still learning but the more I practice the more I see both as one. They are both preparing us for an elevated way of being. Kundalini yoga is the Determined, Focused and inspired Father – Channelled Energy Healing is the all-knowing mother; creative flowing, abundant revealing and fortifying. Together they are powerful force for your awakening – two beautifully crafted arts that complement the one.